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The Hocking Hills region is Ohio's scenic wonderland - gorges, waterfalls, hiking & bridle trails, fishing and more. This blog will provide tidbits of information about current happenings in the Hocking Hills, as well as reports of daily life in the country. It's also a great way to stay up to date on great deals at Marsh Hollow, our log cabin vacation rental property at Marsh Hollow (www.marsh-hollow.com).

Monday, July 11, 2005

Geocaching at Tar Hollow

Geocaching is a worldwide activity in which participants hide small caches of trinkets, etc., post the latitude and longitude on the web, then geocachers use their GPS units to find them. For more information on the sport, including identifying places to look for geocaches, go to geocaching.com. By the way, we are the HockingHunters at the geocaching.com web site.

Yesterday, our good friend Jeff came down to the hills from Grove City for his first geocaching experience. We decided to head over to nearby Tar Hollow State Park and look for the Hollow Cache, which involved a nice hike along and down a ridge, then back up again. Success! Another cache found.

While at Tar Hollow, we learned that there is a lovely little lake there, with a small swimming beach and boat rental.

After lunch at Granny's Kitchen outside of Londonderry, we headed over to another cache near Tar Hollow, the Lost Cemetery. Compared to the Hollow Cache, this was an easy hike and find. Several Civil War soldiers are resting here, on a quiet hill side.

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